beck eval picBeck dropped 41 lbs!

Chris started training me in The beginning of 2014. I weighed 309 lbs. At that point, and wasn’t feeling self-confident in general– and impossibly embarrassed to be at the gym. Chris‘ encouraging personality and words helped me feel like I deserved to be a part of the family of ‘athletes’ and people who take care of themselves. He treated me like an athlete from the very beginning, believing in me when I definitely did not believe in myself. 

The workout plan he wrote for me each week was incredibly detailed and specifically geared to my personal goals. Chris‘ knowledge, coupled with his motivational attitude, is a force to be reckoned with. He was not only an incredibly gifted trainer for me during our training sessions, but he was also somewhat of a life coach– motivating me to vent, process, then focus and move on with different hurdles in my life– and to make sure I was “killin’ it,” as he would say— giving it 100% 24/7. 

The day Chris announced he was leaving the training facility, I cried. It was bittersweet. I cried tears of joy for how much progress I had made in such a short amount of time and tears of sadness because I wasn’t sure I knew how to keep up with training without him there to guide me. He instilled an athlete’s attitude in me. I will be forever grateful to Chris for that.

I kept taking Chris‘ advice and I have continued on my weight loss adventure and health endeavor & lost 108 lbs in one year. Chris was a front runner in helping me stick with it. It’s worth it!!!”

lamar dropped ten poundsLamar dropped 10 lbs during one of our challenges!


“Working out is hard and doing it everyday is even harder.. But the energy that Chris brings and the atmosphere at Farrell Fit makes that challenge something to forward to every day. The class sizes are small enough to get to know your group and be a team effort while at the same time Chris continuously supplies individual focus and coaching. Farrell Fit is where you go if you want your personal trainer to really be behind you every step of the way to your goals and beyond.”

“I started working with Chris almost a year ago. I was nervous about working with a trainer and felt very self-conscious. I felt an immediate connection with Chris. He made me feel comfortable and encouraged at every session. I did one-on-one sessions as well as group classes with him. If you have the opportunity to work with him one-on-one, you won’t be disappointed. I dropped 4 pants sizes …while working with Chris. He gets so excited when he sees progress in his clients. He is a genuinely kind human being who is dedicated to changing the lives of his clients. He pushed me (even when I hated it at the moment) and really showed me what I CAN do – and that if I just push through the fear and doubt, I can feel an amazing sense of accomplishment (mentally and physically).”

Heather H.Vice President of Project Management

“I’ve been working with Chris for a little over one year. What I really appreciate about Chris- and I’ve used many trainers over the years- is that he really listens. He is not trying to turn me into his idea of what fit and healthy should be. He always ask how my body is feeling and pays special attention to how I can improve strength in a wrist that had a former injury and a bad back. He is really good at what he does and I’ll be sticking with him and our exercise program for years to come.”

Gail G.Dean

“I have been a client of Chris’ for a year and a half now and after experiencing other trainers in the past I can easily say that Chris has been the most passionate, motivational and helpful trainer I have encountered. He is always on time and fully prepared for each session; he caters workouts towards my specific goals, and recently helped me accomplish personal bests in my 5k and Pump ‘n Run race. Chris is always fully engaged in our sessions and excels at explaining each exercise along with proper technique in order to avoid injury. What I appreciate most is his dedication to his craft and positive nature. I would highly recommend Chris as your fitness specialist.”

Dr. Andrew H.Vascular Surgeon

“Chris is truly a one-of-a-kind trainer! He genuinely cares about each of his clients and goes above and beyond to create unique, fun workouts that yield amazing results! When I began working with Chris I could not do even a 1/4 squat without pain. In a very short time he had me squatting as if I never had knee problems! I highly recommend Chris if you’re looking to take your health/fitness to the next level (whatever level that may be for you).”

Erica R.Personal Trainer

“I have been working with Chris for the past two and a half years, it has been and continues to be an excellent experience. Chris creates unique workouts every session, he motivates with positive feedback and encouragement to reach my goals. The workouts are total fitness workouts, cardio, strength training, core work, stability/balance training, high intensity/low intensity. Some mornings it’s focused on one area, other mornings it’s a combination of a few or all the areas. Chris even adjusts the workouts as we go along based on how I’m feeling. Along with the excellent physical training, Chris is also an outstanding nutritional coach. If you are looking for a trainer that truly offers total fitness, you have been looking for Chris!”

Chuck B.City Tax Commissioner

“Chris is the best!! I’ve done personal training and group classes with Chris for 1 1/2 years. When I started with Chris I was hardly working out at all and knew it was time to get started again. He developed a personalized a plan for me around my lifestyle and physical limitations/injuries to help me reach my goals. I’ve lost weight, my body has definitely changed and I have more energy! We don’t just discuss working out we also discuss nutrition and lifestyle. He truly takes a holistic approach. If you’re looking for someone to take you to the next level, whatever that may be, I recommend him highly.”

Kim F.First Vice President Wealth Advisor